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Return of the King…

Guess who’s bizzack…

After what seems like forever (but was probably only a few months) I have returned back to the realm of blogging.

I had taken a sabbatical from my keyboard to do a lot of, for a lack of a better term, growing. Not all of this growth was friendly, or painless, but nevertheless, much needed.

I had had several ups and downs, romantic adventures (some less adventure, more headache), changed jobs three times, and even experience loss 3 times in under a year. Yeah, it got real.

BUT I’M BACK!!!!!!!!! With a whole new outlook on life. OK, well not “new” but I would dare say I have matured my perspective in my inter-web exile.

So don’t stray too far from the desktop, will be a go to site for all things artsy, thought-provoking, and nerdy.

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I missed you too.

*shimmy activated*