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Lloyd “Tru” Acoustic

“Please accept me for who I am…”

So, I am a fan of the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. All the music that came with it was dope in its own way. One artist that stood out like this was an Atlanta, GA recording artist Lloyd.

Known for his smooth falsetto tone, and very 90’s like vibe, Lloyd took the world by storm as an R&B artist of a particular caliber. In my opinion what made him stand out the most was his approach to music. Trying to write and or perform in a manner that doesn’t place him in the same pot as another R&B artist.

The video below entitled “Tru” is a single that Lloyd released a few years back. The cover is set with a very soul lounge like vibe and rhythm, coupled with honest heart felt lyrics.

I am hoping this type of performance is not the last we will see from Lloyd, and that it inspires more like it from other musicians.

Click on the video below and enjoy.