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Kendrick Lamar – You Ain’t Gotta Lie

“You ain’t gotta try so hard…”

It is no secret that Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar has been sweeping the entire world with his very unique style of Jazz/Funk/Hip-hop blend. With his most recent project entitled “To Pimp A Butterfly” he has risen the bar for the current state of music, specifically the realm of Rap, and it would appear that this bar isn’t coming down anytime soon. Yet, of all the amazing tracks on the album like “U” and classic anthems such as “Alright”, the one I find myself gravitating to the most is a “You Ain’t Gotta Lie: Mama Said.” This. Track. Goes. Hard. From the beginning you can tell this is going to be a groove, especially with the hypnotizing bass line that I personally find myself humming throughout my day……now. And the percussion inline with the melody that makes you wanna bob your head is almost nostalgic to the days of A Tribe Called Quest, The Fugees, or even The Pharcyde. But more then that, the lyrics are something I feel many of us could relate too, the people that we encounter on the day to day that have to build up this facade of who they are or speak up on specific things around us to make themselves look cool or fit in…like, I don’t know, a Narc. Even further than that I felt like it was targeting me. I too at one point felt as if I needed to lie to kick it. So in a sense this song was revealing and healing at the same time. Music should do that. Always.

Link is below, enjoy the groove.


Official album cover for Kendrick Lamar's latest project entitled "To Pimp A Butterfly."
Official album cover for Kendrick Lamar’s latest project entitled “To Pimp A Butterfly.”

Kendrick Lamar“You Ain’t Gotta Lie: Mama Said.”