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JACKERS – Tony Styxx

Need more hands…

The time of those who do not appreciate their position to obtain and grow their dreams is coming to a crashing end.

Your cars can’t save you. There is NO refuge in your elaborate homes. None of the “yes men” that follow you blindly will be able to come to your aid. I pray you have enough of that money you covet to survive.

JACKERS are individuals who have the hunger to obtain and value their dreams, their goals but none of the resources. You many have been selfish for far too long.

This is an official call to all those who agree that we must take from the “poor” and give back to the “rich”.

“Goals are the currency.
Life is a bank vault.
Let’s make a withdrawal.”

Tony Styxx | JACKERS

Available digitally soon.
Photography: Lance C. Parker for Illuminate Hue Photography

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