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From My Indiana Window

You were warned.

I say to thee:

Imagine yourself in the skin of an individual Who is from a heritage that has been the subject, or target of oppression from day one. A fact that can’t be argued for it is historical record. You are one of many people’s that have had to live under a whip, No matter How that whip manifest itself, it is your master, your gun line, and you’ve been told this since birth. You see it everyday via education, commercial industry, politics, religion, and even entertainment.

And if that isn’t bad enough, those sworn to up hold justice, the very idea this habitat was “built” upon, are not protectors, yet enforcer’s. Sentinels that walk this land with an air of malice intent and greed of power, but even worse, they hold the knowledge of knowing they have No one to answer too, and it is your daily life struggle to survive this truth.

But like a child bullied to often, a employee overlooked too many times, a slave subjugated to oppression on a daily basis for centuries, something inside of you says enough is enough. A fire in you reaches critical mass and you explode into fits of rage.

You revolt. You fight back. You riot…

And the Sentinels believe you mad. They are baffled by your actions. We employ you, clothe you, feed you, house you, even let you learn here and there. Why are you so angry? Why are you so…. ungrateful?

How absurd of us who clock in like you, spend like you to stimulate OUR economy, get taxed like you, love our children like you, enjoy a cold beer like you, but never get treatment the same as you, act so ungrateful to the ills of the society that swore we are equals, and made document that we all are to be treated fairly?

As if your “allowance” to educate, work, live, and love ourselves is enough to justify the pointless excessive force to our people. You acknowledging our basic human rights makes it OK to target us and make examples of us? Yes, we are obviously out of our God damn minds to be so fed up with systematical bullshit, that we would finally exorcise the restraint we so courageously have shown though out the years.

Oh yes, we have held our heads highest in the face of oppression for fear of revolution ending with more of us wrongly killed.

But No more. The Laws of this land do not apply to us. Whether we obey or revolt we are still targets. The officers of this place are no protectors of ours, so we call a truce to the black on black crime you inspired, and ruthlessly toss in our faces, as if it is equability as wrong as your ill will, and we protect each other.

If your stores, neighborhoods, businesses we’re never for us, why should we care about the well being of the city it resides in?

Yes, these establishments are our means of “survival”, but what good is a dollar, if I have to slave to make it, but can’t peacefully spend it?

Our children will watch the streets burn, our elders will witness chaos consume the land, and your sentinels will either idle and observe or participate and perish before we allow the media and state to define our pain, our suffering, our story.

Fools you are to assume that actions like this, pain like this, carnage like this is completely unwarranted, out of the blue, and unjustified.

If I place my boot of your neck too hard for too long, eventually, you will not only gain the rage turn strength to remove me off of you, but also make it your point to make sure I never place you under my boot again.

America, you were warned.

Sincerely –

An observer of Baltimore.