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Star Wars: Light-saber Experience

May the force be with you…

Remember running around the house or back yard with a ruler, gift wrapping paper roll, hell even a stick of the ground? Did you ever make the fish face with puffed cheeks, humming and buzzing in a low tone as you fought with a sibling or best friend? You did it just now didn’t you? It’s OK, we all have a little bit of Jedi (or Sith) in us. Well thank the heavens that the good folks at Google decided to throw their hat in the advertisement ring and create and virtual experience that all can appreciate and enjoy.

If you are a chrome user (who isn’t?) then you would notice that they have given the public to join in on the fun and become Sith OR Jedi. With the vast amount of visual being changed from things as big as HD wallpapers from the new film, all the way down to smaller aspects like the volume icon for YouTube being the color of your chosen side, and with light-saber visual and audio effects!

But to top it all off, they introduced the Light-saber Experience. With this interface you can calibrate your cellular device to become a Jedi knight weapon and defend yourself against enemy fire, just like in the movie.

Wanna try? I know, (duh) YES!

Click the link below, and remember to use the force. Enjoy

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Light-saber Experience