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Rogers, Parker, and Stark

What tangled webs we weave…

Rapidly approaching is probably the most highly anticipated film from the Marvel franchise since “Avengers.”

I’m talking about no other film than “Captain America- Civil War ”
Set to hit theaters worldwide May 2016.


In this film we get to see the aftermath of the boiling fued between Steve Rogers (Captain America played by Chris Evans ) and Tony Stark (Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr.) Caught in the middle of this battle is the one and only Peter Parker (Spiderman played by Tom Holland .)


The plot so far (if in alignment with the critically acclaimed 7 book series) puts us in a time where our U.S. government has passed a Super Hero Registration Act. This law demands that the records state the hero’s alias, their powers-weaknesses and their legal or birth name. It also states that any and all listed are subjected to carrying out more specific and governmental like duties (basically super power police.)


On oneside stands Captain America against the registration of super powered individuals. And on the other, Iron Man, who believes it’s time that all gifted individuals are accounted for and put to more focused, legal use.

But for young Parker, the most important piece to this war,it is no longer a choice of being great, but who he must pledge his responsibilities and allegiance too.