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“Purple Lamborghini” – Rick Ross x Skrillex


It’s no secret that DC is not hitting all too well at the cinema plate. With the recent “success” of its latest release “Batman v Superman”, featuring Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight, and Henry Cavil as the Son of Krypton, the world is still waiting for DC to make the big splash and finally catch up to its well ahead rival Marvel Studios. And the film that is scheduled to so is said to be its summer film “Suicide Squad”.

Just to give you a bit of background; Suicide Squad is based around a team of the worst of the worst when it comes to criminals in the DC comic universe. Government official Amanda Waller (played by the ever so amazing Viola Davis) plans to use these super powered individuals to her dark advantage to naturalize a threat that the world is facing. Why them? They are expendable. These ladies and gents are set to rot in their cells forever. So whether they die of old age, or in action really don’t matter to Waller at all. Especially if it all goes sour, they have someone to blame it on.

Ok, so now that we have set that tone, let us turn our gaze to the fact that the film debuted today, and so far isn’t fairing to well in the eyes of the public. It has been said to have no higher rating than that of a D+ (ouch. Hell, Batman forever scored higher than that, geez.) But with all that said only one thing seems to have emerged as amazing thus far about this film. From the official soundtrack of the film comes a collaboration of Hip-hop and Dubstep; “Purple Lamborghini” ft. Rick Ross and Skrillex.


The music video is possibly one of the best I have seen for a comic based movie in a very long time. It’s dark, it’s grimy, and it definitely fits the tone for Suicide Squad. The music itself was banging, especially drizzled with Skrillex signature sounds. Miami rapper Rick Ross brought the heat, staying with the theme and lyrically creating an atmosphere that would make a person like me, who has not seen the film, excited about a ticket purchase. To be honest, Ross almost looked comfortable playing the mob role; maybe we will see this in the future.


My problem with the video was this: Jared Leto cameo. It was Horrible. Costume choice was very lazy, and the cane was a cheesy (especially the twirl, really?) His brutish walk about the club, and his interactions with gang members was kind aimless and “eh” like. His best interactions actually were with Ross and on the boat. Those moments felt very Joker like. All in all, his cameo should have been concealed until the end, and then if he had let out that very chilling laugh to close the final scene, that would have been beyond perfection.

Suicide squad is out now, and hopefully you all will feel excited enough to see the film after watching this video. I know I did. Hope to see you in the theaters.