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Kavale- Hold On

Directed by Jace.

This is a serious Naptown (Indianapolis) Toronto connect, when Canadian artist Kavale (@KavaleOfficial) and Indiana director Jace Wallace team up to create an heart-felt visual for a thought provoking song entitled “Hold On.”

And the title couldn’t be more accurate. Starring Indy’s Micheal Anthony as a man who seems to be at the end of his rope and out of options in life.The you have his what would come across as frantic, loving, and “feeling helpless to save her spouse” woman played by Indy’s Ebony Wallace. The two do an outstanding job of bringing realism to the silent in words, yet loud in visual, of what would seem to be a cry out for help, a desire to be there, and inevitable end.

And who better to hold the brush that paints this picture? None other than Jace Wallace (@directedbyjace) of A Million Other Things.


(Above photo of Director Jace Wallace.)

The camera rarely sits still. It has this very alluring sway that almost seems to pace with the characters on screen, as if to mimic the eyes of a viewer. And it works! It is fluid with the eyes of anticipation that I had while watching with heart pounding, mind curious, and jaw dropped to floor in the end.

The lyrics were almost narrative. And if this wasn’t intentional, well *stand for movie like slow clap*. They seems to be more like thoughts in a journal than lyrics, wish was artistically refreshing and dope. There also seemed to be a bit of personal emotion I could hear in Artist Kavale voice as well. And I feel that he understands that art without honest connection is basically a waste of digital space. So hat’s off to you sir. Well done.

Look, I could go on and on about how the natural lighting gave it a very gritty realism, about how this video should start a revolution of artist and directors being vulnerable, and even more so about how I love that black men are teaming up more and more. But I won’t. Can! But won’t.

Just see for yourself.