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KOTD: Reebok Alien Stomper

Ellen Ripley swag…

I am not a Jordan brand fan. Nope. You can’t convince me that the world is hung up on a tennis shoe that barely changes design but always changes color, and has the world fighting and killing for a pair. Nope. No way. Not when you have tennis shoes like what Reebok has in store.

I present to you the Reebok Alien Stomper.


Isn’t this the most amazing piece of footwear you’ve ever seen. No? Well I think this is pretty sweet. It has a classic but new age high-top style, the straps look like they were designed so that one doesn’t need to worry about tongue creases or or that weird area of pressing friction from where the ankle and top of the foot meet. The bottom of the shoe looks like it might even support some athletic movement. The obvious and most amazing thing about this sneaker is that it was inspired for the 30th anniversary of the sci-fi flick “Alien!”

And I couldn’t think of a better shoe to wear when running from something like this….


(Dude has a serious dental plan…..damn.)

Reebok has yet to release a statement on when these babies will be release (at least nothing concrete that I have found, just speculation) but whether its a few months or years from now, just know these will be mine. Because one never knows when he gotta stomp the yard with some extraterrestrial bug with a attitude (must not have seen MIB, lol.)