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Sonny Paradise – What’s Good

Homage to classic…

Indianapolis emcee Sonny Paradise is the ever beating rhythm of hip-hop. And he has yet to fail in providing otherwise.

Now I don’t remember the year, but I remember the place. I was young, 22 or 23 hanging with producer Joe Harvey in his studio when he played me a track that brought me to tears. Literal tears. It was moving, colorful, refreshing, and honest. The song was titled “What’s Good” and the emcee did one hell of a job telling us.

Son painted a picture of life that was real, and gritty. Yet he never lost the essence of soul that everyday life on the humble struggle has.

His lyrical ability to paint this chilling and beautiful picture of a breathing city or neighborhood is more than enough to close ya eyes and nod ya head too.

I hope you enjoy. I did then, and currently am now.


Sonny Paradise – “What’s Good” Produced by Joe Harvey..

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Sonny Paradise- “Sonny x Paradise”.