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Alessia Was Here


Lord knows we are in short supply of amazing artist in the under 25 years of age category. But every once in a while the industry will throw us one hell of a pitch and we get that breath of fresh air we have been waiting on.

Organic songwriting, hypnotic vocals,and soul; these are all the amazing things we are given and can expect from Brampton, Canada’s Alessia Cara (@AlessiaCara.)

This 19 year old singer-song writer has an album entiled “Four Pink Walls” that offers a more honest and heartfelt brand of music that we havent heard since the late great Amy Winehouse.

The single I chose to focus on is one that I have played on repeat for the last three weeks titled “Here.” On this record Alessia paints this picture of the more introverted side of her that most of us can relate to, when in a party setting we arent enjoying as much as those around us.

It’s original, it’s exciting, catchy and will be a classic for sure.

To get a taste of the powerhouse superstar I am positive she will become click the link below.

Alessia Cara –“Here.”.