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Samurai Song

Still your mind…

Too many times we find ourselves at war with life. And, it is hard to focus on one opponent when your mind is occupied by too many thoughts. In the film “Last Samurai” staring Tom Cruise, he finds himself in the middle of a training session learning How to handle a samurai sword. Failing one to many times, a native Japanese child tells him “you have too many minds. Mind on people watching, mind on sword, mind on anger. Focus. Have one mind.”

We,as humans, tend to focus on several things while trying to take care of one. You feel overly stressed and find yourself having a hard time handling it all.

Approach your issues life you approach the future: one day at a time.

Need to relax? Check out this song by U.K. artist Fat Jon “How You Feel” inspired by my favorite animated series “Samurai Champloo.”

Fat Jon – “How You Feel”.