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Not really a huge fan, nor shall I ever be of the hundreds if not thousands of post that suggest what real men or women should do in a relationship for the opposite (or same) sex. Yeah not a fan at all.
You might have seen some of the following on your timeline:

1.) “He ain’t a real man if…”
2.) “Treat your woman right or lose her to a better man…”
3.) “A King can’t be a King without a Queen…”
4.) “Niggas ain’t shit without a good woman…”
5.) “Flirt with her, or somebody else will…”
6.) “He fell in love with her mind, not her body…”

And one the male end of the spectrum you have:

A.) “Treat your dude right or she will….”
B.) “A real woman would….”
C.)”What happened to the women that use to…”
D.) “If she don’t….”

This? This is that bullsh*t.

What this does, on both ends mind you, (but I can only speak from a males perspective) is that it tears at a mans security in being a man, and a woman’s security in the woman she is BECAUSE the potential person they might be attracted too, or has the similar qualities of a the person posting these things appears to be attached to these ideas of individual thinking in a situation that is occupied by two! He will start to question his ability to be a great boyfriend or husband base on these post, and the comments to provide to them, and she will begin to second guess her worth because of the post he responds to. This is also the same thing with the post of sexually attractive men for women, and women for men. Look who does like a phat ass, nice boobs, slim waste and thick lips? And I can dig it women, he look like an action figure, that’s shit gets you hot right? We are mammals that shit is natural. Just remember, just because they have a nice house doesn’t mean they have to close their eyes when the drive past a neighborhood, lol. It’s OK too look, and comment, but be mindful how you look, and what you say….out loud lol.

Now the reason why the physical post don’t line up in importance to the longevity of a relationship like the memes with wording is because none of us will look like that forever. He as won’t always be as round or big, his pecks not as hard, her boobs not as perky, his six pack can be a keg real quick. So the physical is temporary. But the ideas and principles in which you stay with and cooperate in maintaining a healthy relationship show grow stronger and be more pure and fair for BOTH sides not just one.

Counter weight is different than counteracting each other. She holds him down, he lifts her up. Balance.
Counter weight is different than counteracting each other. She holds him down, he lifts her up. Balance.

My suggestion….

Let’s do more posting about what both parties should do, not one vs the other. Let’s explore how we both can show love and respect and understanding. When we divide ourselves in works, we divide ourselves in love as well. The relationship is a house: It would be quicker for two to attack a room, than one in each, left alone with the burden of the ceiling, the floors, the closets and so forth. You can sleep next to each other, but not clean together. You’ll eat next to each other, but not cook together? A lot more gets accomplished when two work on a issue than just one. Two thrones, one kingdom. He ain’t sleeping on the floor of the castle, and she isn’t some bed wench who just visiting.

This relationship, this kingdom is yours, the two of you to create, repair, and maintain.

Just my Opinion.