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“It.” by Tony Styxx

Tag, you’re…

We use to play tag in the High grass of West African cities
Tagging each other as little sisters or brothers watch because they are too small to tag along
All that tagging is gone
We have been tagged wrong
These don’t sound like tags that I want
Yet these are the tags that show we are owned
And if we run away
“18” scars tagged on your left cheek bone
Plantations to jail cells
Ghettos and graves
These places are tagged as our natural homes
The way we play tag now makes these streets a war zone

Fire Hose Tag
Billy Club tag
Gun tag
You’re “It”

What were once cops and robbers
Is now Targets and Dollars
And if your plates are tagged wrong
You aren’t making it home
Cause them blueberry snakes
Play tag with loud horns
One note go bang
And now you tagging the streets, homes
Blood like red paint from a spray can
Spelling it out for us
That this skin of ours is more like a tag worn
Prices for your blackness
Currency for civility
Toe tags and Hash tags
Got an odd kind of symmetry

Adult tag
Thug tag
Danger tag
Body bag
I wonder if Treyvon gave a high five Eric at one point?
I wonder if Sandra ever gave a hug to Korryn?

Tag you’re it “Be safe”
Tag you’re it “Come home.”
Tag you’re it “Call me when you get there.”

I tend to avoid shaking hands now, feeling that my black skin is cursed
Give fewer hugs because I stopped believing they will block the bullets

I don’t want to be another hash….Tag, you’re….”It.”

T. Styxx