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Define Your Legacy

Moments do not equal Legacies.

And so here you are. You are now at what is perceived to be your lowest moment, and you can’t find the will to fight back.

Let me explain something to you, if you still have the energy to think of excuses not to fight, you’re not done.

If you still have enough reservation to formulate an exit strategy, you’re not done.

If you can think of every way you could have won this fight, then you’re not done.

Getting knock down is easy, and getting up is easy as well. Yet the thing that makes a champion is choosing to fight back once you’ve stood. Making the conscious choice to refuse your opponent the right to ealk away so easily or at all for that matter.

Life sucks, this is an issue we cant change. What we can alter is for how long, and how bad. We own that choice, we own rhis fight, we own our legacy.

Ever watch a football game? Hear the post game reviews? Their not talking about who won or loss, someone has to lose. But they are giving you the break down of how, HOW they loss. Did they go out like champion material or chumps.

Just because you’re down now doesnt mean you have to be forever. Moments do not equal Legacies.

Hold your head high knowing very few are privileged to stand in your sands, hold your blade, and wear your burdens as armor. Know that in the colessieum of life, you are a gladiator, a champion, might not be this fight or the next, but you are bread to win, cut from a cloth of individuals who saw that the tide was against them, and chose to be a mountain and not a pile of grains.

Stand. Fight. And walk off head held high win or lose.