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Champion Cher

Down goes troll! Down goes troll!….

It is always an awesome moment when a celebrity finds the time in their hectic days to stop by social media and share thier thoughts on what current in the world today.

Recently in South Carolina, an Officer by the name of Ben Fields found himslef in a class room at Spring Valley High trying to escort a young lady for what the teacher consider undisciplinary behavior.

Outside of the fact that short of a weapon or a completely unnecessary brawl, there shouldnt be need of law enforcement to escort any child. Just my opinion.

The real problem is that Officer Fields felt it was in his best judgment to wrestle this young lady to the ground, while still seated no less. This child could be no younger than 16, 130lbs wet in a lead suit. Officer Fields, all of 190lbs minimum. Short of this, she is a civilian, he is a trained policemen. Not cool bro, not cool.

To my point, Actress and internationally recognized singer Cher felt it needed to voice her opinion (image below) about the recent exhibition in police brutality. Per usual, her opinion attracted the attention of a near by troll. @Monicahstone felt the need to inform Cher that the young lady should have just complied, and that not doing so she disserved (not deserved) everything that happened to her. In her….openion (opinion.) (I cant make this up.)


With very little time in between responses, Cher finally decided to give us a 5 word home run, quote “Heartless bitch,… table for one.”

Fatality. Cher wins. Flawless vocabulary.

For the full article click the link below.

Cher shuts down Spring Valley troll –“5 word bomb.”.