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Black Fatherhood- Entry 01/09/2016

#BeingABlackFatherMeans Staying up til 11 p.m. make sure the tub is unclogged. Because the baby needs a hot shower, and ya lady who works 3rd shift don’t won’t no excuse as to why the tub ain’t clean.


See, being black in general has some generational thinking that gets passed on. Here specifically, the idea that the man take care of things like this. Its our job to fix home. I was raised under those values, and without hesitation still practice them without question. Now a days the reason or idea blossoms often. Now I do it as if it were second hand, and it makes me wonder what it means to other black fathers. What it would’ve meant or did to my own. I’m not trying to change the world, or forcibly change the view of black men who are fathers, yet instead add something honest to how we are seen. And its not just things that come from a history of black tradition but just the daily things I may learn or experience as a black father. I do believe that it is different for all races. There’s dopeness in that individuality, I’m just expressing mine.

So here I am, typing this, in my bathroom, as I wait for the pot to fill with hot water to clean out the debris from my hard efforts to fix the tub.

Listening to retrograde by James Blake.

Wondering how much Scrubbing Bubbles will it take to clean the tub.

And did I pause that movie.

*Hears favorite scene*