Tony Styxx is an Indianapolis, IN native who has been a performer on the Indy scene since 2007. As a multi-talented artist, Tony brings spoken word poetry, Hip-Hop emceeing, human beatboxing and occasional hosting services to the stage with a charismatic flare like only he can.

With current achievements such as performing with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and being a part of the #IndyWelcomesAll campaign, it’s safe to say that not only is this rising Indy star setting the bar, he is also bridging the gap between genres and cultures and blazing a trail for artists in the future.


When Tony is away from the stage, he spends his time as a teaching artist for an Indianapolis organization known as Arts For Learning. Tony’s role as a teaching artist includes teaching students, k-12, how to write poetry or Hip-Hop lyrics, as well as mentoring to the youth on how they can learn useful life lessons through the arts.

From the classroom to stage, this charismatic, talented young man has a bright future ahead as he strives for becoming what he would call “a classic artist.”